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Father/Son half week camps provide a high energy, outdoor experience where a boy and his father (or sponsoring adult) spend three days eating great food, sleeping in cabins nestled in the woods, playing, and learning together.

Enjoy the day together with swimming, archery, riflery, sling shot, hiking, low ropes course, canoeing, games, and time in God's word. You will end each day in songs, skits, and a memorable message around a roaring campfire.

Note: Except for campfires and some outings, the Tree Climber and Stockade programs are run separately with completely different schedules. Fathers with boys in both age groups should consider different half week camp dates for each boy.

Father/Son Tree Climbers Half Week Camps
(Completion of grades K - 2)

In addition to the activities listed above, Tree Climbers will have their own club meetings with host Woody the Raccoon. Archery bows, air rifles, sports, hiking, low ropes course, and leathercraft are geared for their age and abilities.

Father/Son Stockade Half Week Camps
(Completion of grades 3 - 6)

Stockade boys proceed on an age graded program with larger bows, .22 rifles, a more challenging ropes course, Zipline, hiking, and sports. Fathers participate in all activities with their sons.

Father/Son Adventure Half Week Camp
(Completion of grades 5 - 8)

Looking for an additional adventure? This half week camp is a great opportunity to enjoy God's creation in different ways together. Father and Son will get to explore the amazing creation that is beyond camp's property lines. You will get to explore one of the local rivers on a guided overnight trip. Additional activities will include rock climbing and exploring one of the local caves. This is a great opportunity for those looking to continue the great Father/Son camp experience with their older son, or those who are looking for a little more exploration. Our experienced staff will help lead the activities, but will allow for plenty of Father/Son bonding time.

For costs and dates of the program, please see the schedule.


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