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Camp Hemlock has the privilege of ministering to roughly 300 campers each summer. Since 1969, Camp has developed a legacy of sharing the Gospel message, providing Christian role models to campers, and creating incredible memories year after year. Camp Hemlock is often credited as a foundation where individuals are able to have the Gospel message presented and where the growth of their faith is encouraged through the many activities, time in the Word, and the emphasis of Christian examples.

Camp Hemlock is part of the Capital Region Christian Service Brigade Ministries, Inc. and is a nonprofit organization. Camp relies on camper registrations and individual donations to meet operating costs and allow for strategic and necessary operational upgrades. Camper registration money covers roughly 75 percent of the operating budget. The additional money has always been provided and comes from individual donations.

We are very thankful for the many ways that God continues to provide for and bless this ministry through your support. Your monetary support is very helpful, but Camp also has many physical operational needs where willing hands can deeply benefit the ministry. On the second Saturday of the month from April to October we have "Work Weekends" where individuals, families, or large groups can come out to camp and help work on the different projects (repairs, upgrades, and pre-camp preparation). If you are interested in assisting with these days, please contact Mark (Chief) Curran 240-643-2980 or God continues to bless the ministry of Camp Hemlock, and with your assistance physically or financially, we will be able to continue to impact generations of leaders.

Do you shop at Amazon?

There is another great way to support Camp Hemlock while you shop at Amazon. Amazon offers a program called AmazonSmile. This program allows a user to designate one of many charitable organizations to receive 0.5% of all their purchases spent on Amazon to be sent to the organization. This is a great way to easily help support Camp Hemlock. More information about AmazonSmile can be found here. The AmazonSmile account that is setup is registered under Camp's full name: "Capital Region CSB Ministries, Inc." you can easily link your Amazon shopping to the account by following these simple steps.

Physical Donations

Camp Hemlock is always looking for "new to us" equipment and materials. Camp can always benefit from donations or physical belongings. Think of Camp as a big household. If there is something that you use at home, it is likely that we have a couple of them or could benefit from one. If you are interested in donating a used object, please contact us here and we can help arrange for transportation out to Camp.

Direct Donations

Please makes checks payable to "Camp Hemlock, Inc." and mail to:

Camp Hemlock, Inc.
c/o Sam Barrow
605 Orchard Way
Colesville, MD 20904

  Registration opens on 1/1/2019

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